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CSS Pakistan Pak US Relations for Current Affairs

June 23, 2016 cssbaba 0

  Pak US Relations (A comprehensive overview) US is one of those first nations who established relations with the new State of Pakistan. US-Pak relations started from 20 October, 1947 (after two months and 6 days from partition) During Cold War era, Pakistan aligned itself with US against USSR and joined anti-Soviet CENTO and SEATO. [CENTO (Central Treaty Organization Or Baghdad Pact or Middle East Treaty Organization METO) was formed by Iraq, Iran, Turkey, Pakistan […]

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CSS International Affairs Paper 2016 (Solved)

May 30, 2016 cssbaba 0

CSS International Relations 2016 (Solved MCQs) 1.The term “Truman Doctrine” coined in the year: 1947 (12 March) by President Harry S Truman 2. The term “Axis of Evil” first used by: George W. Bush (29, 2002) 3. Essential characteristics of Bush doctrine: (Unilateralism, attacking countries that harbor terrorists, Pre-emptive strikes, democratic regime change) 4. Meaning of Entente: Informal alliance between states 5. First wave of age of Glibalization: 1860-1971 6. Title of Arundhati Roy’s famous […]